YouCity for institutions

Institutions and associations can involve citizens in the development of projects with public and social impact in an fast and productive way thanks to technology and the possibilities offered by YouCity. Here are the main features and benefits.

Thanks to the YouCity web platform and appInstitutions and associations can involve  users-citizens in the implementation of public and social impact projects with a series of online and offline activities specifically designed by YouCity for engaging, fast and transparent communications.

The main options are:

- Provide a virtual showcase for your projects, uploading them independently online on the YouCity site with the possibility to customize the project page

- Ask citizens, through website and app, to express their preferences about the proposed projects

- Activate crowdfunding campaigns or online crowdsourcing for the chosen project ideas asking for concrete help (donations or volunteers) to see them realised

- Provide online information on the progress of projects in total transparency

- Receive feedback from the community on the operations undertaken

- Analyze the statistics and data available on the platform to deepen the knowledge of the territory and of citizens' needs.

If you are an institution or if you are part of a non-profit organization or association and you would like to have more information on YouCity write us!