Our mission as YouCity is to simplify and make more productive the communication between citizens and institutions for the realization of projects of public and social impact. Here are the tools we make available to the citizen.

Everyone has ideas that can contribute to improve the environment of his own city, but sometimes it is not easy to turn them into reality. With YouCity Web platform and related app, citizens can actively collaborate with institutions and associations to make a difference.

The method is simple and based on a kind of virtuous circle, once that institutions and associations have entered their projects on YouCity platform, as a citizen-user you can decide to collaborate by choosing from a series of possible actions both online, via the Web or app, and offline:

- Help to choose the projects to be carried out by expressing your preferences

- Support the projects already started with small donations (tax deductible) or giving your availability for volunteering activities

- Follow the progress of all project phases in total transparency

- Participate in the activities of the YouCity community to exchange ideas and good practices with other users

- In addition to seeing your favorite projects realised, you can also get the rewards provided by the promoting institutions/associations for the most active citizens active

Last but not least, you can suggest your ideas to the PAs, onlus and organizations present on the platform that will evaluate whether to "adopt" them and activate the project with the related campaigns of crowdsourcing and crowdfunding.

If you want to learn more on YouCity or if you want to suggest projects to your city write us one e-mail!